Active Monitoring Antennas from Cojot / Alaris


This vertically polarised omni-directional antenna consists of an active antenna array, covering 20 to 6000 MHz. The antennas are combined under 1 compact radome and output in either a single (OMNI-A0098-03) or two connectors (OMNI-A0098-04). The active part of the antenna protects the system from excessive field strengths and boosts low level signals.

The active version of this antenna relies on DC power injection on the output port of the antenna. The antenna is best utilised with the MISC-A0022 power supply for this purpose. The OMNI-A0098-03 features a passive-bypass mode which is engaged when the antenna is not powered. In this mode, the antenna is completely passive, allowing for low distortion measurements in the presence of high incident fields.

The antenna, when paired with the OMNI-A0156 or OMNI-A0100 horizontally polarised omni-directional monitoring systems, provide full spectrum coverage for diverse SIGINT requirements.


The OMNI-A0156 is an extremely wideband, compact, active horizontally polarised receiving antenna for omni-directional monitoring. It is designed for either static use on shelters or can be installed on vehicles.

Mounting is via the provided standard NATO and US 4/6 hole mounting flange, making it compatible with a variety of standard mounting arrangements.

The OMNI-A0156 and OMNI-A0156-02 variants of the antenna provide 2 output ports which exit the antenna under the mounting flange for watertight and convenient vehicular installation. One output port covers the band from 20 to 1000 MHz and the second from 1000 to 3000 MHz. The OMNI-A0156-01 combines the two bands internally and provides a single output connector.

The OMNI-A0156 and OMNI-A0156-01 versions are equipped with active matching and amplification, which provides excellent performance at very low frequencies. The OMNI-A0156-01 provides a passive bypass feature to allow the antenna to be used in passive mode in high field strength environments by removing power to the antenna.

The active versions of the antenna can be powered using a product such as the MISC-A0022.


The OMNI-A0190 is a compact monitoring antenna. Supplied in both active and passive versions, it allows monitoring over the full 20 to 6000 MHz band.

The active version of the antenna includes amplification to help improve sensitivity. The lower cost passive version has no amplification and is more appropriate for use where high incident power levels are expected.

Table-top mounting is used for system demonstrations. Using the supplied base and RF cable, the antenna can be neatly positioned on a table for shows, meetings and demos. The product printing can be customised to suit the client’s requirements.

Mast-mounting with the supplied bracket allows the antenna to be permanently mounted outdoors. The antenna is waterproof and UV stabilised, it can be used as a compact antenna for a permanent monitoring system.

The antenna gain can be characterised if required for field strength monitoring requirements.


The OMNI-A0191 integrates the functionality of the OMNI-A0098 and the OMNI-A0156 under one radome structure for a compact integrated vertical / horizontal polarisation monitoring antenna. The vertical polarisation spanning 20 MHz to 6 GHz and the horizontal polarisation 20 MHz to 3 GHz.

The antenna is supplied with an optional short mast which supports the unit. Access to the base connectors is through a door in the mast.


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