Antenna Products of ANTONICS

Antenna Products of ANTONICS

The ANTONICS is one of the leading developer and producer of high sophisticated antenna systems. The product portfolio is looking especially through planar antennas with an essential orientation to mobile system solutions and also stationary mobile communications technologies.

The antenna products of ANTONICS are grouped into 6 different business fields. The train and bus antennas of the brand OmPlecs and DiPlecs are emphasized and mainly manufactured by Antonics-ICP.

The antenna products of ANTONICS are grouped into the following business fields:

1. Train Antennas Outdoor

2. Train Antennas Indoor

3. Vehicle Antennas,

4. Machinery Antennas M2M,

5. Infrastructure Antennas,

6. Automotive Antennas,

7. Embedded Antennas,

8, Camouflage Antennas for BOS and Industry

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