Broadcast Solutions
Broadcast Solutions
Broadcast Solutions

Since 1991 we has delivered equipment from worldwide reputable producers to Norwegian:

  • Norkring & Telenor

Solutions for the Connected World:

  • High-quality transmission technology for radio and TV programmes
  • Over 3,000 solutions
    • Broadband antennas (47-88 MHz, 87.5-108 MHz, 174-240 MHz, 470-862 MHz
    • Antenna splitters, mounting accessories, diplexers and accessories
  • Special competency
    • Turnkey Projects
    • DAB+
    • DVB-T2
    • DTMB

«Our strength lies in the custom solutions we offer for even the most difficult challenges, such as in handling special radiation characteristics or protecting against extreme iciness– We provide the right equipment through our producers.»

You can get insight into our wide product portfolio as well as in-depth information about specific mobile solutions by following this link










You can use our antenna selector to choose the antenna that best suits Your requirements from our comprehensive portfolio. For radiation patterns, data sheets and other important information, enter antenna-specific characteristics and further required parameters.

The antenna selector tool will give you a recommendation for the antenna system that you are looking for.

Please contact us and we will answer your questions and complete the further planning for you.

Please try it out.





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