CrossTalk – Software Suite for IoT integration

CrossTalk, Kathrein’s integration software layer, is a modular IoT suite for different identification applications. Passive UHF RFID, barcode, GPS, RTLS, sensors and various other technologies can be handled with CrossTalk. We provide centrally controlled integration – from device management right through to customised backends.

CrossTalk IoT Suite is the most advanced software suite for AutoID & IoT device management and Track & Trace visualization. One of the key features of CrossTalk, is it’s distributed architecture based on the CrossTalk Agent software component:


CrossTalk AppCenter is the Platform for IoT tracking applications and central configuration and monitoring tool for IoT infrastructure devices. CrossTalk Repository is a highly scalable data storage and distribution platform for events and objects. CrossTalk Repository is a EPCIS compliant implementation. CrossTalk Agent delivers plug&play device integration, real time data capturing, event processing and filtering. CrossTalk delivers the best combination of AutoID Middleware, Device Management and Edgeware. There are three different license packages available:

  • CrossTalk base platform, focus on device integration and management.
  • CrossTalk full platform, includes base platform features, plus business apps.

CrossTalk repository, high scalable EPCIS repository.

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