DAB+ Tunnel Voice Break-In (or In-house)

DAB+ Tunnel Voice Break-In (or In-house)

Industry leading technology and field proven DAB+ Tunnel Voice Break-in devices for emergency situations in tunnels/buildings.

Why should you choose PrecisionWave VBI devices?

PrecisionWave VBI device does not only offers many unprecedented features such as up to 6 ensembles in a single unit, but they are industry’s lowest power consuming and smallest devices, saving substantial cost over the toal lifetime. Plus: PrecsionWave are more than happy to customize and incorporate your requirements.


Our Features

Small in size, low in power and large in features:

easy to configure, highly versatily DAB-Voice Break-In (Einsprechfunk) solution will have your needs covered – guaranteed!

  • Repeater and Voice Break-In mode
  • Scalable, up to 6 ensembles on a single unit
  • No GPS reception needed!
  • Automatic gain control (AGC) and precise RF input level measurement
  • Automatic reconfiguration on changes in the DAB/DAB+ ensembles
  • Low power consumption (less than 20W typ.)
  • Intuitive control software for device management and monitoring
  • Various interfaces, alarm outputs for signal loss or customizable inputs/outputs
  • Compact module or 19” device available
  • High reliability, MTBF
  • All-in-one hardware solution
  • Field proven systems
  • Industry leading performance (ask us for independently made measurement results)
  • Future ready: modulator/demodulator fully embedded in hardware, yet programmable (FPGA)

We further offer buy-in options (you only pay what you really need)

  • Dual RF output and individual selection of the mode (voice break-in/repeater) for two tunnel tubes with a signle unit
  • 24hr monitoring service
  • Second RF receiver available for in-tunnel RF signal monitoring on a full redundant setup
  • Two audio inputs for individual voice break-in on RF output 1 & 2
  • SNMP message service
  • VoIP
  • UKW Voice Break-In
  • Additional ensembles
  • OEM service – our device, your casing, your brand


Product brief

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For more information contact TINEX Group on +47 40 43 44 40 or sales@tinexgroup.no