DAB+ Voice Break-In Solution
DAB+ Voice Break-In Solution
DAB+ Voice Break-In Solution

Togheter with PrecisionWave AG we support DAB+ Voice Break-In Solution.

The Voice Break-In (VBI) solution is a highly integrated, hardware based repeater and content replacement system for DAB/DAB+. VBI‘s are in-tunnel/in-building broadcast systems that in case of emergency play out real-time voice or pre-recorded audio via the DAB/DAB+ radio by replacing the regular program. With our system, seamless switchover to emergency content is enabled by continuous synchronization to the original carrier and completely hardware based demodulation and modulation.

One of our partner are currently commissioning the Ryfylketunnel, the world longest and deepest subsea tunnel, equipped with VBI from PrecisionWave.






Benefits & Highlights of our Solution

  • Repeater and Voice Break-In mode
  • Scalable, up to 6 ensembles on a singleunit
  • No GPSreception needed
  • Automatic gain control and attenuation and precise RF input level measurement
  • Dual RFoutput and individual selection of the mode (voice break-in/repeater) for two tunnel tubes
  • Automaticreconfiguration on changes in the
  • Future ready: modulator/demodulator fully embedded in hardware, yet programmable (FPGA)
  • Web management for control and monitoring
  • Various interfaces, alarm outputs for signal loss or customizable inputs/outputs
  • Low power consumption (only 20W typ.)
  • Compact module or 19” device available
  • High reliability, MTBF
  • All-in-one hardware solution

For more information contact TINEX Group on +47 40 43 44 40 or sales@tinexgroup.no