Embedded Software Defined Radio

Embedded Software Defined Radio

Highly customizable SDR platforms that will fit your need and budget

What SDR platforms do we offer?

Currently we have two different plaforms available. One for stand-alone high-performance applications (embedded SDR platform), the other for standard SDR applications or dedicated work (No-CPU SDR platform). Check the hardware section just below for details. With one of our software defined radio platforms you can’t be wrong: our hardware combines a 150MHz input bandwidth, 2×2 MIMO operation, lowest phase-noise clocking and easily exchangeable, fully customizable front-end units with the real-time signal processing capabilities of Xilinx FPGA fabric and multi-core ARM processors.

What are the advantages of PrecisionWave’s embedded SDR?

Compared with our biggest competitor (USRP) we not only have better signal performance (see comparison table below) – more importantly you don’t need an extra PC to run your SDR application. You can rely on the built-in dual-core ARM System on Chip (Soc). Example? Connect your SDR to the cloud instantly!

Performance comparison USRP B210 vs. No-CPU SDR-platform (DAB-Band, 171-230MHz)
USRP B210 PrecisionWave No-CPU SDR
Architecture Zero-IF SDR-Undersampling
SNR 27.83dB 47.17dB
NF 8.94dB 8.62dB
SFDR 46.69dBc 64.93dBc
ENOB 4.32Bit 7.54Bit


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