Excera: EP8100 – Schomandl will introduce new DMR portfolio

Schomandl is pleased to announce that it is adding a high value and comprehensive portfolio of DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) portable and mobile two-way radios and repeaters to their distribution portfolio. DMR is a worldwide digital radio standard for PMR (Private Mobile Radio) users developed by ETSI, European Telecommunications Standards Institute, and the next generation of affordable digital two-way radios systems for many existing analogue PMR users.

Excera manufactures a full range of high quality portables, mobile radios, base stations and repeaters in the VHF (136-174) MHz and UHF (350-520) MHz frequency range. Excera terminals feature DMR Tier 2 and Tier 3 functionality as well as support for DMR simulcast systems. In addition, Excera manufactures both Tier 2 base stations (repeaters) and DMR Tier 3 trunked system infrastructure products. Excera products are fully compliant to the DMR standard and offer innovative and unique features for DMR terminals such as:

Full duplex on both the vehicle mobile terminals as well as the 8000 series hand portables. Direct Mode for coverage outside the range of a base station that allows the use of both time slots to provide two simultaneous calls on a single frequency. Of course, Excera radios are fully backward compatible in their analogue mode enabling an easy, efficient conversion from analogue to digital. And not the least, optionally terminals support operation in analogue trunked radio networks.

Schomandl will offer Excera products in selected European countries: Germany on an exclusive basis and Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria und Malta on a non-exclusive basis.

«We are excited about the cooperation with Excera as their product philosophy is a perfect match with the one we have for our own antenna and test equipment products: High quality and robust products targeted for professional users to make the most of their radio investments» says Felix Thimm, Schomandl-Sales VP.

About Schomandl GmbH & Co. KG

Established in 1947 Munich by Artur Schomandl has a long history and excellent reputation for its RF product range. In 2015, Schomandl took over Kathrein’s professional PMR base station antenna portfolio. In combination with products for antenna testing, specialized filters and couplers for PMR applications the company provides a first-class portfolio for PMR integrators and users worldwide.

For more information contact TINEX Group on +47 40 43 44 40 or sales@tinexgroup.no