Indoor Wireless from Kathrein

Nowadays up to 80 per cent of mobile communication occurs inside buildings, so optimum signal quality is crucial to end customer satisfaction. This confronts mobile network operators with the challenge of providing reliable network coverage and maximum data volume at indoor sites – where levels of data traffic are particularly high.

With K-BOW, Kathrein taps into a whole new dimension of indoor mobile communication solutions. The Micro-C-RAN system provides indoor network capacity flexibly and in high quality – precisely where it is actually needed. It is able to handle multi-operator, multi-band and multi-standard networks via a central base station pool. K-BOW is compatible with all network operators, frequency bands and mobile communications standards, even supporting the latest mobile network generations such as LTE Advanced. The solution is technology-independent and has MIMO capability from the outset. It provides transparent support for LTE Advanced performance features. What is more, it can be extended during live operation and does not require additional wiring. Connection and start-up require minimum installation effort – without complex configuration, calibration or multiple visits.

K-BOW is a future-proof solution for telecommunications companies and building operators. It is also a crucial step in reliably addressing the high demands of end customers in terms of quality and service.


  • Planning: feasibility study, surveys, network design, implementation planning
  • Implementation: installation, start-up and acceptance, integration, system approval
  • Maintenance: technical support, software service, hardware service, on-site service
  • Operation: fault management, configuration management, security management, performance management
  • Training: technology and service training, certification
  • Material provisioning: accessories and consumable supplies, products
  • Logistics: worldwide supply chain and on-site management, consignment service

Case Studies

In order to remain competitive, high-quality mobile network coverage is a key issue for Romanian mobile network provider RCS & RDS. The company opted to collaborate with the Kathrein subsidiary, Romkatel, in order to improve its end customer service.

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World premiere on Mauritius: in order to ensure optimum mobile network coverage at the Hennessey Park Hotel, the building complex was fitted with Kathrein’s Micro C-RAN system K-BOW. In times of increasing demand for optimum network coverage, signal quality and bandwidth, network operator Emtel opted for an innovative technology offering numerous benefits.

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Greece with more than 1,400 islands operates highly frequented ferry services, carrying millions of people every year. There is sometimes plenty of time for passengers to use mobile services on their smartphones and tablets and that’s a quite challenging fact for data usage Kathrein technology provided a solution for.

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