Privat Mobil Radio (PMR) Antennas- Schomandl

Togheter with Schomandl we serve PMR integrators and users in Norway and Island for the Professional mobile radio business, especially in public safety, transport & logistics, maritime radio as well as in industrial & utilities Applications.

Antennas for professional mobile radio need to be more than reliable, failsafe and solid enough for even the toughest environments.

As a strategic partner of Kathrein, Schomandl has acquired their business with antennas for PMR/LMR as per Jan. 1st, 2016 and will continue to design and manufacture the antennas in Germany.

The quality of these antennas is legendary and Schomandl are proud to announce, that they will continue Kathrein’s highest quality standards.

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Fit-USB 25 – 87.5 MHz
Omnidirectional Antennas
Schomandl FAT 74 – 87,5 MHz
Directional Antennas
Spare Parts
Fit-USB 141 – 180 MHz
Omnidirectional Antennas
Fit-USB 146 – 174 MHz
Directional Antennas