Privat Mobil Radio (PMR) instruments – Schomandl

Togheter with Schomandl we serve PMR integrators and users in Norway and Island for the Professional mobile radio business, especially in public safety, transport & logistics, maritime radio as well as in industrial & utilities Applications.

Instruments are Schomandl’s most original product line. For more than 65 years they have been known for test-equipment tailored for field and lab engineers in the PMR business.

Their products support all modern digital and conventional standards for professional communications and are useful tools to make PMR even more reliable.

Fit-USB Fast Installation Tester FIT USB
Through-Line Power Meter for installation tests

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Schomandl FAT Fast Antenna Tester FAT
Standalone Antenna Reflection Tester

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RF Safety Detector
measures the strength of electromagnetic fields

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