RFID Transponder

Together with Kathrein we deliver transponders with high security passive UHF RFID Windshield-Labels with UCODE DNA or HIGG S3. 


Windshield Label

The RFID Windshield Label serves for the automatic, contactless identification of vehicles (Automatic Vehicle Identification, AVI). The label is adhered to the inside of the windshield. The development of the RFID Windshield Label was focused on a high transfer performance behind glass and a passive function without battery.
The label offers transfer performance thanks to special antenna design and UV-resistance ensured by special protective film. Extra security die-cuts can be incoporated into the labe will improve security against removal and re-use.

Multi-Surface Transponder

The universal multi surface transponders from Kathrein are designed to be insensitive to the materials to which they are attached. Equally good performance is expected on both metal and non-metal items. With their robust structure they can be used successfully in harsh environments and have a high class of destruction resistance.
With the UCODE DNA the transponders offer combination of long range UHF RFID performance coupled with cryptographic security functionality for tag authentication.

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