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We are proud to be the exclusive distributor for Telegärtner within the field of business Mobile Communications in Norway.

The reliability of a mobile communication connection depends essentially on the antenna used. This must ensure reliable transmission and reception of data and signals even under the most difficult conditions and stress situations. Telegärtner offers the suitable HF connectors as well as RJ45 and FO components for this.










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SIMFix® – Connectors

The RF connectors in the series SIMFix® are rugged connectors with threaded coupling for use in high performance transmitter applications. These connectors are waterproof and are suitable for external use.

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Connector Series 4.3-10

With the installation-friendly 4.3-10 connector series, Telegärtner is responding to the increasing demands for mobile communications applications. Their small size and low weight make these connectors ideal for the miniaturisation of mobile radio network elements.

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Jumper cables

Telegärtner jumper cables are fitted with specially designed 7-16, N and 4.3-10 connectors.They are tested on special intermodulation test systems and all cables are tested for return loss (VSWR) up to a frequency of 2.7 GHz.

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EMP Protection

To protect against EMP caused by lightning strikes in the direct vicinity of base stations, Telegärtner has developed a range of surge suppressors wit 7/16- and N-Series interfaces.

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RET Cables

RET Cables provide a direct connect option from the Master Control Unit (MCU) to a RET module. These cables are offered in a variety of lengths, with the shorter lengths being available to “daisy chain” multiple RET modules together at the top of the tower or building By connecting the modules together, you reduce the number or cables required from the MCU to the antennas.

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Telecommunications Outdoor Connectors TOC

The handy, easy to install TOC connectors are used in telecommunications, security applications or automation but also in military, offshore or mining applications.

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Pre-assembled Coaxial Cables

With the Telegärtner coax online configurator you can assemble HF cables with coaxial connectors individually and add cable protection, labelling and cable length according to your requirements online.

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Cabling Module AMJ-S

The fully shielded AMJ-S module Cat.6A for 10 gigabit Ethernet offers cabling professionals unforeseen possibilities for their daily cabling tasks especially in residential and utility building thanks to its slim dimensions.

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RJ45 Connectors

The MFP8 Cat.6A is an RJ45 connector for time-saving and reliable on-site assembly for all networks, from Voice right through to 10-gigabit Ethernet. It can be assembled on all standard types of cable in just 60 seconds – and no special tools are required.

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Applications for Mounting Rails

Telegärtner offers row-connectable connectors and distributors for the mounting rail for structured cabling in the control cabinet. They are the perfect link between incoming installation lines and the internal cabinet wiring.

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FO Wall Distributor ODB 54

Wherever glass fibre connection need to be connected in a harsh environment: The Telegärtner ODB 54 wall distributor enables you to solve various different installation demands with one product.

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Pre-assembled fibre optic lines

With the TICNET online configurator you can assemble cables and connectors or an FOC patch panel online to meet your specific needs and then send an order inquiry to your local specialist retailer straight away?

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