V/UHF Communications Antennas from Cojot / Alaris Antennas

The VCF Family of V/UHF Vehicular Center-fed Dipole Antennas brings efficiency and flexibility to the tactical mobile and fighting vehicle communications platforms. Encapsulated in an epoxy-glass sleeve, providing strength and protection to the radiating elements and isolation from overhead power lines, the VCF range of antennas are center-fed for maximum efficiency, and being ground independent, are ideal for use on platforms with limited or no ground plane.

All antennas utilize a common base/spring mounting assembly, available in either 4 hole US, or 6 hole NATO patterns, simplifying vehicle antenna logistics and installations, and enabling rapid ‘tool free’ antenna replacement, on a single mounting base. Various direct to mast-mounting adapters are available for mast mounted base station or static mobile deployment.


Technical Data VCF30-108 VCF108-520 VCF115-420 VCF225-420 VCF410-510
Frequency Range 30 – 108MHz 108 – 520MHz 115 – 420MHz 225 – 420MHz 410 – 510MHz
Maximum Input Power 50W 100W 50W 50W 50W
Length 3.1 m 1.25 m 1.2 m 0.72 m 0.5 m

Several other frequency variations of these products are available on request.

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